Working Papers (Paper links go to the Social Science Research Network.)

Joo, M., Kenneth C. Wilbur, and Dinesh K. Gauri (2013), “Demand Allocation Effects of Product Line Pricing.”

Joo, M., Dinesh K. Gauri, and Tridib Mazumdar (2013), “Anticipatory Effects in Consumer Advance Purchases: An Empirical Investigation.”

Joo, M., Kenneth C. Wilbur, and Yi Zhu (2013), “Effects of Television Advertising on Internet Search,” Unpublished Manuscript.

Journal Publications

Joo, M., Kenneth C. Wilbur, Bo Cowgill, and Yi Zhu (2013), "Television Advertising and Online Search," Management Science, forthcoming.

Joo, M., Tridib Mazumdar, and S. P. Raj (2012), “Bidding Strategies and Consumer Savings in NYOP Auctions,”  Journal of Retailing, 88(1), 180-188.


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The 13th Annual Pricing Conference, Syracuse University, 2011
INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Conference, Columbia University, 2011
INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Rice University, 2011
Frank M. Bass UTD FORMS Conference, UT-Dallas, 2011
INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, University of Michigan, 2009