Mingyu (Max) Joo

Associate Professor of Marketing, UC Riverside

[Curriculum Vitae]

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Associate Professor, School of Business, UC Riverside, 2024-Present

Assistant Professor, School of Business, UC Riverside, 2018-2024

Assistant Professor, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, 2012-2018

Associate Editor, Decision Sciences (Marketing/OM/IS Interface), 2019-Present

Associate Editor, Information Economics and Policy, 2017-Present


Ph.D. in Marketing, Syracuse University, 2012

M.S. in Statistics, Stanford University, 2007

B.S. in Industrial Management, KAIST, 2001

Journal Publications

Do Sellers Benefit from Sponsored Product Listings? Evidence from an Online Marketplace. [SSRN]

Marketing Science (forthcoming) with Jiaqi Shi and Vibhanshu Abhishek

Designing Distributed Ledger Technologies, like Blockchain, for Advertising Markets. [SSRN]

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2023) with Seung Hyun Kim, Anindya Ghose and Kenneth C. Wilbur

Temporal Distance and Price Responsiveness: Empirical Investigation of the Cruise Industry. [SSRN]

Management Science (2020) with Dinesh K. Gauri and Kenneth C. Wilbur

Divergent Temporal Courses for Liking vs. Wanting in Response to Persuasion. [SSRN]

Emotion (2020) with Wendy Liu and Kenneth C. Wilbur

Advertising and Brand Attitudes: Evidence from 575 Brands over Five Years. [SSRN][arXiv]

Quantitative Marketing and Economics (2019) with Rex Y. Du and Kenneth C. Wilbur

Optimal Product Design by Sequential Experiments in High Dimensions. [SSRN] 

Management Science (2019) with Michael L. Thompson and Greg M. Allenby

Effects of TV Advertising on Keyword Search. [SSRN]

International Journal of Research in Marketing (2016) with Kenneth C. Wilbur and Yi Zhu

Television Advertising and Online Search. [SSRN]

Management Science (2014) with Kenneth C. Wilbur, Bo Cowgill and Yi Zhu

Bidding Strategies and Consumer Savings in NYOP Auctions.

Journal of Retailing (2012) with Tridib Mazumdar and S. P. Raj

Selected Working Papers

Consumer Aversion to Algorithm-Driven Price Volatility: Empirical Investigation of Airbnb

with Jiaqi Shi, Jinan Lin and Tingting Nian

Counterfactual Demand Predictions under Unprecedented Price Shocks.

with Dong Soo Kim, Chul Kim and Hai Che

Recent/Upcoming Talks


UCR: Brand Management (FTMBA, Undergrad)

OSU: Marketing Models (PhD), Optimal Pricing and Product Design (FTMBA), Market Research (Undergrad), CRM (Undergrad), Quantitative Pricing (FTMBA Individual Studies)

Syracuse: Marketing Principles (Undergrad), Brand Management (Undergrad with Markstrat)


UCR School of Business

900 University Ave.

Riverside, CA 92521, USA

(951) 827-3733

mingyu.joo at ucr.edu